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CFSA Advises PLA on Poster Requirements

The PLA received the following helpful comment from Dezenhall, the PR firm that represents our predatory brethren at the CFSA:

“FYI- The requirements read….

Posters Will Be Large and Prominently Displayed: Companies will prominently position a poster-style display in all stores.

Displays must be:

o At least 18’ X 22’ in size
o Use a font size of approximately ½ inch for all fee and loan-term information”

Note to PLA members: When printing out our new poster template, please make sure to print the poster large enough that the small fonts are approximately 1/2 inch tall. The word “approximately” also gives you significant wiggle room.

Remember, posting interest rates won’t hurt your profits. People will borrow money at any interest rate when they are in a financial crisis.

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